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Lesson: Teaching with Holocaust Survivor Testimony

Learn To Teach About The Holocaust

Learn To Teach About The Holocaust

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Belfer National Conference for Educators: June 26–28, 2023

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Students will examine Holocaust survivor testimonies as both personal memories and as deliberately-created historical records, and will evaluate how the Holocaust affected the lives of individuals, as well as the role of memory in our understanding of history.

Grade level: Adaptable for grades 7–12
Subject: Multidisciplinary
Time required: This resource includes several options for using survivor testimony. The length of time needed for activities within each section varies, but an estimate of 60 minutes per section is reasonable. Individual activities may be completed in class or as assessments. 

  • Section I: Why Testimony? (60 minutes)
  • Section II: Sources & Perspectives (60 minutes)
  • Section III: Providing Context (60 minutes)
  • Section IV: Making Meaning (60 minutes)
  • Section V: Bearing Witness (60 minutes)

Section I functions as the introduction. Other sections may be completed independently based on desired educational outcomes.

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