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  • The Roman Vishniac Collection

    The Roman Vishniac Collection

    You can help the Museum and the International Center of Photography learn more about Roman Vishniac’s iconic photographs of Jews in Eastern Europe before the Holocaust.

  • Sephardic Communities and the Holocaust

    Sephardic Communities and the Holocaust

    Increasing public interest in the fate of Jews of Spanish and Greek descent living in southeastern Europe has prompted the Collections Division to scout out new sources of material about these communities and reexamine older collections in order to identify those that bear witness to the experience of Sephardi Jews.

  • The German Invasion of Poland and the Beginning of World War II

    The German Invasion of Poland and the Beginning of World War II

    On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded and quickly conquered western Poland, beginning World War II. The Museum’s collections include many items that tell us about the swift and immediate impact that the invasion had on Polish citizens, Jews and Christians alike.

  • Ephemeral Films

    Ephemeral Films

    The audiovisual memory of the Nazi era remains heavily influenced today by the official images created by the Nazi propaganda machine. The films featured here—many of which were made by amateurs and eyewitnesses—give us a different glimpse into everyday life in Austria before and during the Holocaust.

  • Remembering D-Day

    Remembering D-Day

    On June 6, 1944, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, opening a long-awaited second front in western Europe. Explore this turning point in World War II through the oral histories, diaries, and paintings of those who lived it.

  • The Diary of Lajos Ornstein: An Extraordinary Journey

    The Diary of Lajos Ornstein: An Extraordinary Journey

    Through diary entries, the testimony of survivors, and historical photos and film footage, this interactive map provides a unique glimpse into the fate of Hungarian Jewish forced laborers during the final months of the Holocaust.

  • A Forgotten Suitcase: The Mantello Rescue Mission

    A Forgotten Suitcase: The Mantello Rescue Mission

    Around 2005, a woman found a mysterious suitcase in her basement in Geneva, Switzerland. Inside the suitcase were more than one thousand World War II-era certificates bearing the official seal of the Consulate of El Salvador. What were these documents? Their history reveals one of the largest scale, yet least known, rescue attempts of the Holocaust.

  • The Legacy of Julien Bryan

    The Legacy of Julien Bryan

    In the 1930s, the American filmmaker Julien Bryan chronicled life in Poland and Nazi Germany. When Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, Bryan risked his life to record the ferocious siege of Warsaw.

  • Who Was This Woman?

    Who Was This Woman?

    Read about how a donated document gives us a glimpse into the life, and possible fate, of one of the Holocaust’s many victims.

  • Do You Remember, When

    Do You Remember, When

    A teenager in Berlin before he was deported to Auschwitz, Manfred Lewin created a keepsake book to memorialize his relationship with Gad Beck and the community of Jewish youth from which the two young men drew their strength and their solace.

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