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Teaching Materials on Antisemitism and Racism

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The following resources promote effective teaching about antisemitism and the Holocaust.

History of Antisemitism and the Holocaust

This lesson focuses on the history of antisemitism and its role in the Holocaust to better understand how prejudice and hate speech can contribute to violence, mass atrocity, and genocide. Learning about the origins of hatred and prejudice encourages students to think critically about antisemitism today.

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Holocaust Encyclopedia Articles

The following related articles contain critical learning questions that can be used when discussing article content with students.

Understanding Nazi Symbols

By focusing on the history and meaning of the swastika, the lesson provides a model for teachers to use when examining the origins of symbols, terms, and ideology from Nazi Germany and Holocaust-era fascist movements that students are seeing in contemporary American culture, promoting critical historical thinking and analysis.

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Nazi Racism

Racism fueled Nazi ideology and politics. To critically analyze actions taken by Nazi Germany and its collaborators requires an understanding of the concept of racism in general and Nazi racial antisemitism in particular.

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Confronting Antisemitism

These guides are designed to facilitate student discussion and learning about fighting prejudice, responding to genocide, religion and identity, and other topics relevant today. The lessons use the Museum’s Voices on Antisemitism podcast to illustrate the existence and broad impact of modern-day antisemitism.

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