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Holocaust Encyclopedia Articles

The following related articles contain critical learning questions that can be used when discussing article content with students.

Exploring Night as Literature: Bearing Witness to History

Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, has become a standard text used in many classes to both teach about the history and human impact of the Holocaust. This lesson will help teachers and students understand the fuller historical context of the events described in Wiesel’s writing.

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Exploring Anne Frank’s Diary

Students will examine Anne Frank’s diary as both a historical and a deliberately-created literary text, and will understand how the Holocaust affected the lives of the Frank family.

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Exploring Holocaust-era Diaries

Students will examine Holocaust-era diaries as both historical and as deliberately-created literary texts, and will understand how the Holocaust affected the lives of the individuals.

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Guide to The World Must Know

The book The World Must Know provides a narrative of the Holocaust “as told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.” Its structure mirrors that of the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition: The Holocaust.

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