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Museum Teacher Fellowship Program


The application for the 2023 Museum Teacher Fellowship class has closed. The application for 2024 will open in Fall 2023.

NOTE: Attending the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for Educators, the Museum's foundational teacher education program, is a prerequisite for the Fellowship application. 

The Museum’s teacher training programs ensure that learning how and why the Holocaust happened is an essential component of education in America and strengthens students' critical thinking about their roles in society.

About the Program

Established in 1996, the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program has developed a national corps of skilled educators to help lead the Museum’s efforts to ensure quality Holocaust education in secondary schools. Over 430 teachers have become a part of the corps, working to serve as conduits to the Museum for educators, institutions, professional organizations, and community groups in their regions and assisting the Museum in educational outreach and resource creation. 

Most years, the Museum selects up to 15 educators—from grades 7 through community college—as new Museum Teacher Fellows. These educators must show evidence of knowledge of Holocaust history, successful teaching experience, and participation in community and professional organizations. 

Fellows participate in the Pines, Sarna, Statfeld Summer Institute for the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program held at the Museum in Washington, DC. This institute is designed to immerse Fellows in advanced historical and pedagogical issues.  Following the institute, they organize and implement a professional development event for educators in their schools, communities, or professional organizations that highlights Museum resources. In July of the following year, they attend a follow-up program at the Museum to continue their study of the Holocaust with Museum staff and noted speakers.  Travel expenses are covered, and teachers receive an honorarium for their work during the fellowship year. 

Application Requirements

The Museum welcomes applications from middle, high school, and community college teachers of history, social studies, foreign languages, English, journalism, and other related disciplines. Applicants must teach in the United States and have a minimum of five years of experience teaching about the Holocaust. Additionally, applicants must have attended the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for Educators.

The Museum does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in the selection of its Museum Teacher Fellows.

Please direct any questions to Kim Blevins-Relleva, Program Coordinator, at