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Outreach Programs

In our role as a global leader in fostering awareness of the Holocaust, the Museum tailors special programs to groups and professions for whom the lessons of the Holocaust are especially relevant.

  • Examines the role of the German military during the Holocaust and encourages reflection and discussion on leadership, decision making, and genocide prevention today.

  • Investigates how police officers and law enforcement during the Holocaust became complicit in the Nazi policy of genocide, prompting discussion about the role of police in a democratic society.

  • Examines the motivations and pressures that influenced the German judiciary under the Nazi regime and explores what modern judges can take away from this history.

  • Provides students with thought-provoking, nuanced lessons about both the how and the why of the Holocaust.

  • Equips educators of any discipline to teach the Holocaust effectively and accurately in their classrooms.

  • Focuses on how the international community reacted—and failed to react—to the Holocaust as it was happening.

  • Supports further study of the Holocaust with the full strength of the Museum’s scholarship and collections.

  • Addresses the historical aspects and profound moral implications of the Holocaust.