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Lesson: Holocaust Timeline Activity

Learn To Teach About The Holocaust

Learn To Teach About The Holocaust

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Belfer National Conference for Educators: June 26–28, 2023

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This lesson is structured around a multi-layered wall timeline that encourages critical thinking about the relationship between Nazi policy, World War II, historical events, and individual experiences during the Holocaust.

Grade level: Adaptable for grades 7–12
Subject: Multidisciplinary
Time required: This activity is highly adaptable and can be completed in 60 minutes or multiple class sessions, used as a point of reference throughout an entire unity of study, or have thematic extension activities added.

Lesson Plan and Teaching Materials

Timeline Cards

Teachers can access additional timeline cards for Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel on our Teaching Materials Using Books and Literature page. You may request physical printed Timeline Cards from the Museum.

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For Learning Management Systems

This online lesson plan is compatible with learning management systems or web browsers for students to complete individually or as a class. You can use the PDF of the original lesson plan above as a guide. To use with your LMS, download the files below and follow your system’s instructions for importing files.

The Timeline Activity is also available in Spanish.