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Teaching Materials on Propaganda

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Reflection and Discussion: Connecting Past and Present

Students will reflect on the themes and questions explored in State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda and the ways in which propaganda continues to influence students’ lives and public discourse today. Strategies for critical analysis of messages will be practiced as students engage in a group activity deconstructing examples of propaganda. This will help to synthesize key themes and apply a new framework for contemplating propaganda.

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Holocaust Encyclopedia Articles

The following related articles contain critical learning questions that can be used when discussing article content with students.

Propaganda Today

Students will analyze examples of contemporary propaganda and use the new analysis framework to critically and evaluate the potential consequences of messages they encounter today.

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Moving to Action

Students will identify problematic propaganda messages or hate speech in their community and become empowered to respond. Examining case studies of youth who took on these challenges provides concrete role models and action steps.

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Analyzing Memes

When students bring memes linking current events to history into the classroom, they can be the entry point for a deeper conversation. This activity uses critical thinking skills to unpack the message in the meme, encouraging deeper conversation. 

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