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The Museum’s traveling exhibitions have appeared in 195 US cities and 49 US states and in Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, and Serbia. Presented at a wide variety of venues, these exhibitions bring the history and lessons of the Holocaust beyond the Museum’s walls, reaching audiences from the smallest towns to the largest cities.

The Museum exhibitions program is sponsored in part by the Lester Robbins and Sheila Johnson Robbins Traveling and Special Exhibitions Fund established in 1990 and Dr. and Mrs. Sol Center.

Exhibition Schedule

Our exhibitions travel all over the United States and the world. Find an exhibition in your area.

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Retired Exhibitions

  • Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933–1945
  • State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda
  • The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936
  • Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings
  • Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust
  • Remember the Children: Daniel's Story
  • Schindler
  • Varian Fry: Assignment Rescue 1940–1941
  • Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race