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Resources for Distance Learning


The following resources were created to assist educators using distance learning platforms to teach about the Holocaust. Visit our Teaching Materials by Topic pages to see all Museum lesson plans—lessons created for online instruction are marked with a computer icon ().

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Museum educators can connect you with classroom resources and answer questions about teaching the Holocaust.

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Lesson Plans for Distance Learning

These lesson plans were created or modified for distance learning.

Click on the title below to learn more and to download the files.

Online Lessons, Compatible with Learning Management Systems

The lessons below are compatible with learning management systems or web browsers for students to complete individually or as a class. Each lesson includes a link as well as SCORM files to upload into your LMS. Please preview the lesson before assigning to your students. A PDF of the original lesson plan is available to use as a guide.

The original lesson plan PDFs include questions for class discussion. These have been adapted into the online lessons as questions to “Consider and Discuss.” You may encourage your students to take notes for these prompts to be discussed at another time or in a different format.

You can find directions for importing the files to your courses here: Blackboard Original, Blackboard Ultra, Canvas, and Schoolology. Click on the title below to learn more and to download the files.

Videos and Viewing Guides

These videos explore the experiences of Holocaust survivors, the Museum’s collections, and Holocaust history. Explore key videos.

Americans and the Holocaust Tour and Viewing Guide (PDF)

This viewing guide accompanies a 39-minute tour of Americans and the Holocaust led by exhibition curator Dr. Daniel Greene. It includes reflection questions to consider while watching the tour and concluding writing prompts.

Path to Nazi Genocide Viewing Guide (PDF)

Organized around a Museum-produced 38-minute documentary, The Path to Nazi Genocide, this worksheet provides students with an introduction to the history of the Holocaust.

Additional Resources

Bibliography and Videography (PDF)

This bibliography provides examples for the secondary school level that meet the Museum’s rubric criteria. It includes diaries, memoirs, secondary sources, literature, graphic novels, and films.