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Teaching Materials by Topic

Explore the categories below to find lesson plans and training materials that match your curricular needs. For foundational tools that support any unit on the Holocaust, refer to Fundamentals of Teaching the Holocaust. Are you an educator looking for resources to use in your classroom? We can help. Please complete this short form, and a Museum educator will connect with you.

Some lesson plans are also available in Spanish (Español).

  • Foundational lesson plans for teaching about the Holocaust, including an overview of the Holocaust and a timeline activity.

  • Lesson plans examining Americans' responses to the Holocaust and the Nazi threat.

  • Lesson plans exploring the history of antisemitism, the dangers it poses today, ad the history behind Nazi symbols and terms.

  • Lesson plans explore Elie Wiesel's memoir, Night, Anne Frank's diary, and other books.

  • Syllabi, articles, and primary sources, exploring how racism and antisemitism manifested in Germany and the United States in the 1930's.

  • Lesson plans and guides built around the Museum and its collections, including a virtual field trip and survivor memoirs.

  • Lesson plans exploring how propaganda and hate speech were used by the Nazi's during the Holocaust.

  • Lesson plans and training materials examining the decisions made by ordinary people during the Holocaust.