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Belfer National Conference for Educators

2022 Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for Educators


Conference Details

The 2022 virtual Belfer National Conference for Educators has concluded.  Registration for the 2023 Conference will open on January 15, 2023. Sign up for a registration reminder.

Designed to support accurate, meaningful teaching about the Holocaust, the Belfer National Conference for Educators is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s flagship event for secondary school educators across the country. 

The conference invites participants to engage with current historical research and instructional best practices. Educators discover and learn how to use various classroom resources, find inspiration in new ideas, and connect with peers engaged in similar work across the United States and worldwide.

The FREE 3-day virtual conference features sessions designed for: 

  • Classroom educators unfamiliar with the Museum's extensive resources 
  • School administrators 
  • Curriculum leaders 
  • Alumni of past Belfer conferences 
  • District and state-level administrators

During the conference, participants will:

  • Discover historically accurate foundational and thematic classroom-ready lessons based on the Museum’s extensive collections 
  • Learn how teaching about the Holocaust meets curricular goals and standards
  • Hear directly from Holocaust survivors, leading Holocaust historians, Museum experts, and seasoned educators
  • Join a worldwide support community dedicated to helping educators teach Holocaust history

Educators earn 24 professional development hours through this convenient virtual platform, and participants receive a free resource bundle. 

View 2022 Conference Agenda

This program is made possible with support from the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Foundation.

Please direct any questions to Chelsea Halling-Nye at