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  • Ukraine and the Urgency of Accountability

    Evidence of Russian atrocities against the Ukrainian people is mounting, with each day bringing fresh horrors. The calls for criminal accountability for the atrocities being committed in Ukraine must be met with States’ durable commitment to provide political backing, funding, and other resources needed to lay a foundation for accountability.

  • Rising Mass Atrocity Risks in India

    India ranks second in the Early Warning Project’s Statistical Risk Assessment for 2021-22, marking its highest risk and rank to date. For the last five years, India has ranked in the top 15 highest-risk countries. In this interview, human rights attorney and law professor Waris Husain discusses the country’s mass atrocity risks. He describes potential scenarios, drivers, dynamics, and recommendations for the international community.

  • Experiencing Forced Displacement: Cambodia

    How does forced displacement impact civilians and survivors of mass atrocities? Read about the case of Phnom Penh, a city of 3 million Cambodians evacuated by Khmer Rouge soldiers on April 17, 1975.

  • Portraits of the Disappeared: An Interview with Fadel Abdul Ghany

    On the eleventh anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we spoke with Fadel Abdul Ghany, founder and CEO of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, about the ongoing crimes the Syrian government is committing against civilians, including arbitrary arrests and detention in horrific conditions where they are subjected to torture and other crimes.

  • Early Warning: Risks for Violence Against Civilians in Chad

    Chad’s risk increased significantly in this year’s Early Warning Project Statistical Risk Assessment, from 23rd in 2020–21 to tenth in 2021–22. In this interview, researcher and journalist Jérôme Tubiana discusses the risks for future violence against civilians in Chad. He describes potential conflict scenarios, drivers, dynamics, and recommendations for the international community.