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The Power of Words to Kill

Gregory Gordon helped to prosecute the landmark "media" cases in Rwanda -- where hate speech, broadcast over the radio, was directly linked to the genocide of the Tutsi people. Gordon believes that the lesson learned in Rwanda could be applied to Iran and elsewhere, to prevent these incitement tactics from taking hold.

Here, Gordon discusses the power of words with Aleisa Fishman in the Museum's Voices on Antisemitism Podcast Series.

“"We don't want another genocide to take place. And I think from a truth-telling perspective, one of the important aspects of what the international criminal tribunals are doing is to make a record of what happened, so that future generations can study it. And when we see these red flags going up, when we see these warning signs, we have to act."”

Gordon is Director of the Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies and Assistant Professor at the School of Law, University of North Dakota.