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The Future of Mass Atrocities and Atrocity Prevention

This project explored how mass atrocities are changing over time and how these and other changes will affect efforts to prevent mass atrocities. 

The COVID-19 pandemic represents a major shock to a global system that was already undergoing significant change. Shifts in geopolitics, technology, climate, demographics, and ideology are all shaping global atrocity risks and the policymaking environment.

The 2020 Sudikoff Interdisciplinary Seminar on Genocide Prevention, made possible by the generous support of The Sudikoff Family Foundation, explored the implications of these global trends and COVID-19 on mass atrocities and efforts to prevent them over the next decade.

Adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s Sudikoff seminar took the form of five webinars with each focused on a particular global theme or trend. Read background memos and rapporteur’s reports on each of the seminars.