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Zachariah Mampilly

Leonard and Sophie Davis Genocide Prevention Fellow

July 1, 2018–August 31, 2020 Zachariah Mampilly is Professor of Political Science, Africana Studies and International Studies at Vassar College. He is the author of Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life during War (Cornell 2011) and (co-written with Adam Branch) Africa Uprising: Popular Protest and Political Change (Zed 2015). He is the co-editor of Rebel Governance in Civil War (Cambridge 2015) and Peacemaking: From Practice to Theory (Praeger 2011). He has taught at UCLA, Columbia University and the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as a Fulbright Fellow.

Fellowship Project 

Dr. Mampilly worked with the Simon-Skjodt Center to develop and oversee a research workplan on the role of civilians in preventing and mitigating mass atrocities, and conducted original research on this topic.