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Chad Hazlett

Fellow for the Prevention of Genocide


June 1, 2017–November 30, 2018

Dr. Hazlett is assistant professor of political science and statistics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He completed his PhD in political science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. His dissertation in the subfields of political methodology and international relations was entitled "Inference in Tough Places: Essays on Modeling, Matching, and Measurement with Applications to Civil Conflict." Dr. Hazlett previously served as a predoctoral fellow in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. His interests include machine learning, developing and extending approaches to causal inference, and using these tools to study civil war and mass violence.

Fellowship Project

Dr. Hazlett develops methodology for, prepares, and presents the Early Warning Project's annual Statistical Risk Assessment. He also works with the staff of the Simon-Skjodt Center to produce visualizations of the data as necessary for blog posts and reports and provides periodic advice to Museum staff on statistics and quantitative data analysis.