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Museum Statement on the 2010 National Security Strategy

As part of its new National Security Strategy (NSS), the Obama administration has committed the United States to engaging “proactively” with the international community to prevent mass atrocities and genocide.

“The United States is committed to working with our allies, and to strengthening our own internal capabilities, in order to ensure that the United States and the international community are proactively engaged in a strategic effort to prevent mass atrocities and genocide,” according to the president’s new National Security Strategy released in May 2010.

In a press release on June 4, Sara J. Bloomfield, director of the Museum, said the document was a clear statement of the administration’s intent to marshal its resources to try to prevent genocide. “Even after the failure of the world to respond to the Holocaust, we have not been well prepared to confront genocide. So we are very gratified that the administration is moving to create structures and policies that could prevent these terrible crimes in the future,” Bloomfield said.

The strategy document also emphasizes U.S. commitment to working with the international community to ensure that the 2011 referendum on southern independence in Sudan "happens on time and that its results are respected." The NSS continues, "In addition, we will continue to engage in the efforts necessary to support peace and stability after the referendum, and continue to work to secure peace, dignity, and accountability in Darfur."