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Citizenship and National Belonging in Nazi Germany and the Pacific Northwest

Regional Campus Outreach Program

By exploring emerging research on the representation of historical persecution, this program seeks to examine the lasting impact of persecution on memory and identity for communities in different historical contexts. In bringing together educators and scholars from diverse disciplines, we aim to initiate meaningful dialogue about trauma, identity, violence, and discrimination against communities in Europe and the Pacific Northwest.

In October 2017, the Mandel Center partnered with Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the Department of Native American Studies at Humboldt State University to host a two-day symposium entitled “(Un)Comfortable Identities: Representations of Persecution.

This successful and productive symposium was the first step in convening regional scholars and partners to establish the necessary knowledge, expertise, and relationships to support a future regional campus outreach program in the Pacific Northwest. This multi-year program will consist of a series of campus events at colleges and universities in British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California.