Fellows in residence at the Museum are building on the work of their predecessors to reveal new information and offer new perspectives about the Holocaust. The work and contributions of Mandel Center fellows are one of the Museum’s most valuable assets.

  • Chad Gibbs

    Chad Gibbs

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    Project: “Against that Darkness: Perseverance, Resistance, and Revolt at Treblinka”

  • Laure Guilbert

    Laure Guilbert

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    Project: “Dance in Ghettos and Camps? Gestures-Landscapes on the Confines of Humanity”

  • Alana Holland

    Alana Holland

    American University and Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: “The Art of Retribution: Holocaust Memory and Justice in People’s Poland and Soviet Lithuania, 1944-1969”

  • Paul Jaskot

    Paul Jaskot

    Ina Levine Invitational Scholar (Senior Scholar)

    Project: “Towards an Integrated History of the Occupation of Krakow: Digital and Analog Approaches
    to Nazi and Jewish Spaces”

  • Ariko Kato

    Ariko Kato

    Robert A. Savitt Fellow

    Project: “Constructing Memories through Photographs: Comparing Nazi Germany Images of Jewish Ghettos and U.S. Army Images of Hiroshima-Nagasaki”

  • Maël Le Noc

    Maël Le Noc

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    Project: “Towards a geography of persecution: The case of the Arts-et-Métiers and the Enfants-Rouges quarters of the third arrondissement of Paris, 1940-1946”

  • Caroline Riley

    Caroline Riley

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: “Thérèse Bonney’s Photography: The Politics of Art, the Body, and War from 1920 to 1970”

  • Vanda Rajcan

    Vanda Rajcan

    Gunzenberger-Reichman Family Fellow

    Project: “Unpopular Justice: Holocaust-related Crimes in Slovak People’s Courts, 1945-47”

  • Alissa Schapiro

    Alissa Schapiro

    William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellow on America, the Holocaust and the Jews

    Project: “‘Busy with Other News’: American Art, Visual Culture, and Antisemitism during World War II"