Fellows in residence at the Museum are building on the work of their predecessors to reveal new information and offer new perspectives about the Holocaust. The opinions of fellows expressed before, during the course of, or after their activities with the Mandel Center are their own and do not represent and are not endorsed by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum or its Mandel Center.

  • Lorena Cardona Gonzalez

    Lorena Cardona Gonzalez

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Scholarship for the Study of Antisemitism

    Project: “‘Not undesirable but unnecessary’: Jewish Refugees from Nazism in Colombia (1945-1950)”

  • Daan de Leeuw

    Daan de Leeuw

    Ben and Zelda Cohen Fellow

    Project: “The Geography of Slave Labor: Dutch Jews and the Third Reich, 1942-1945”

  • Kathrin Haurand

    Kathrin Haurand

    Matthew Family Fellow

    Project: “Geopolitics of Jewish Aid in Iran During World War II”

  • Julie Keresztes

    Julie Keresztes

    American University and Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Project: “Photography and the Making of the Nazi Racial Fantasy, 1933-1950”

  • Emily Klein

    Emily Klein

    Digital Humanities Associate Fellow

    Project: “Holocaust Diaries as Material Artifacts”

  • Andreas Kranebitter

    Andreas Kranebitter

    William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellow on America, the Holocaust, and the Jews

    Project“Surveying Mass Murder: GIs and the Production of Sociological Knowledge about the Nazi Concentration Camps”

  • Andrea Löw

    Andrea Löw

    J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Senior Scholar-In-Residence

    Project: “German-speaking Jews after their Deportation to Occupied Eastern Europe— Expectations, Realities, Experiences”

  • Elizabeth Otto

    Elizabeth Otto

    Kurt and Thea Sonnenmark Memorial Fellowship

    Project“Bauhaus under National Socialism”

  • Helena Sadilkova

    Helena Sadilkova

    Ben and Zelda Cohen Fellow

    Project: “Silenced (?) Accounts of Genocide: Romani Survivors from Czechoslovakia and Their References to Genocide during 1945-89”