Fellows in residence at the Museum are building on the work of their predecessors to reveal new information and offer new perspectives about the Holocaust. The work and contributions of Mandel Center Fellows are one of the Museum’s most valuable assets.

  • Sarah Phillips Casteel

    Sarah Phillips Casteel

    Diane and Howard Wohl Fellow

    Project: “Global Itineraries of Holocaust Memory: Black Victims of Nazi Persecution in Literature and Art"

  • Kimberly Cheng

    Kimberly Cheng

    Sosland Fellow

    Project: "Between Empires: Central European Jewish Refugees and Chinese Residents in Wartime Shanghai, 1937-1948"

  • Ioanida Costache

    Ioanida Costache

    Yetta and Jacob Gelman Fellow on the Holocaust in Romania

    Project: “Sounding Romani Sonic-Subjectivity: Counterhistory, Identity Formation, and Affect in Romanian-Roma Music, 1941-1989”

  • Jean-Marc Dreyfus

    Jean-Marc Dreyfus

    J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Senior Scholar-in-Residence

    Project: “Post-Holocaust Exhumantions”

  • Julia Elsky

    Julia Elsky

    Sosland Fellow

    Project: "Jewish Émigré Writers under Vichy"

  • Alice Freifeld

    Alice Freifeld

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Invitational Scholar for the Study of Antisemitism Fellow

    Project:  "Mourning Loss and Starting Over: Hungarian Jews in 1945"

  • Lise Foisneau

    Lise Foisneau

    Alexander Grass Memorial Fellow

    Project: “The Resistance of French ‘Nomads’ (1939-1946)”

  • Tomasz Frydel

    Tomasz Frydel

    Fred and Maria Devinki Fellow

    Project: “Genocide from Above: Village Society and the Holocaust in Occupied Poland, 1939-1945”

  • Simon Goldberg

    Simon Goldberg

    Fund for the Study of the Holocaust in Lithuania Fellow

    Project: “Questions of Evidence: The Kovno Ghetto and the Production of Historical Knowledge”

  • Laure Guilbert

    Laure Guilbert

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    Project: “Dance in Ghettos and Camps? Gestures-Landscapes on the Confines of Humanity”

  • Marta Havryshko

    Marta Havryshko

    Diane and Howard Wohl Fellow

    Project: “Gender and the Holocaust: Sexual Violence against Jewish Women in the Nazi-Occupied Ukraine”

  • Ariko Kato

    Ariko Kato

    Robert A. Savitt Fellow

    Project: “Constructing Memories through Photographs: Comparing Nazi Germany Images of Jewish Ghettos and U.S. Army Images of Hiroshima-Nagasaki”

  • Pavlo Khudish

    Pavlo Khudish

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: “Holocaust Aftermath: Jewish-Gentile Relations and Antisemitism in Postwar Transcarpathia, 1944-1946”

  • Tamás Kisantal

    Tamás Kisantal

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    Project: “Symbolizing Processes of the Holocaust Memory: Cultural History of Dr. Mengele’s Character as the Icon of Nazism”

  • Andreas Kranebitter

    Andreas Kranebitter

    William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellow on America, the Holocaust, and the Jews

    Project: “Surveying Mass Murder: GIs and the Production of Sociological Knowledge about the Nazi Concentration Camps”

  • Deborah Lipstadt

    Deborah Lipstadt

    Ina Levine Invitational Scholar

    Project: “Antisemitism: Definition, History, and Contemporary Manifestations”

  • Roni Mikel Arieli

    Roni Mikel Arieli

    Phyllis Greenberg Heideman and Richard D. Heideman Fellow

    Project: “Memories of Migration and Migration of Memory: The Transnational History of the Jewish Refugees Deportation to Mauritius (1940-1945)”

  • Aleksandra Pomiecko

    Aleksandra Pomiecko

    Pearl Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: “Transatlantic Connections: Ships, Migrants, and the Second World War in Mexico”

  • Vanda Rajcan

    Vanda Rajcan

    Gunzenberger-Reichman Family Fellow

    Project: “Unpopular Justice: Holocaust-related Crimes in Slovak People’s Courts, 1945-47”

  • Karen Remmler

    Karen Remmler

    Edith Birnbaum Milman Memorial Fellow

    Project: “The Forensic Turn in Holocaust Studies: Proper Burial in the Aftermath of Violence”

  • Alissa Schapiro

    Alissa Schapiro

    William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellow on America, the Holocaust, and the Jews

    Project: “'Busy with Other News': American Art, Visual Culture, and Antisemitism during World War II”

  • Samuel Spinner

    Samuel Spinner

    Sosland Fellow

    Project: “Museums of Words: Holocaust Museums in Literature”

  • Mikhail Tyaglyy

    Mikhail Tyaglyy

    Mandel Center Research Fellow

    Project: “The Fate of the Roma (Gypsies) in the German-occupied Areas of Ukraine, 1941-1944: History and Memory”

  • Fielder Valone

    Fielder Valone

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Invitational Scholar for the Study of Antisemitism

    Project: “Prelude to Mass Murder: Anti-Jewish Ritual Violence in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Lithuania, 1933-1941”

  • Josefine Wagner

    Josefine Wagner

    Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History-Munich & Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Exchange Scholar 

    Project: “Sonderpädagogik: Continuities and Ruptures of Eugenic Discourses in Special Needs Education”