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Regional Campus Outreach Program

The Mandel Center’s regional campus outreach program places the history of the Holocaust into conversation with local histories to explore emerging research on common themes across disciplines, fields, and geographic regions. These programs aim to build connections between Holocaust scholars from the Museum’s network and local scholars and educators who specialize in the program’s themes. By examining themes through the lens of multiple histories, the Mandel Center engages new audiences and works with partner campuses to educate students about the history of the Holocaust; model how to responsibly research and talk about the similarities, differences, and gray zones of different histories; and facilitate informed dialogue about the lessons and contemporary relevance of those histories.

These multi-year programs consist of a series of campus panel discussions, student workshops, pedagogy roundtables, and a two-day symposium at colleges and universities within a defined geographic region. The regional outreach program seeks to enrich campus dialogue by provoking critical thinking about the history of antisemitism, racism, violence, and the power and limits of human agency in different historical contexts. In bringing together students, scholars, and educators from various disciplines and fields, these programs ensure the vitality of Holocaust Studies in an increasingly interdisciplinary academic landscape.

Current Regional Program

  • Race and Society in Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South. Learn More

Upcoming Regional Programs 

  • Citizenship and National Belonging in Nazi Germany and the Pacific Northwest. Learn More

  • Persecution and Complacency in Nazi Germany and the Great Plains. Learn More

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