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Campus Outreach

The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies promotes, supports, and furthers the study and teaching of the Holocaust on campuses through North America and ensures the vitality of Holocaust Studies into the future.

Outreach efforts include:

  • Campus panel discussions

  • Campus lectures

  • Faculty seminars

  • Pedagogy roundtables

  • Symposia

  • Talks at the Museum

  • Digital resources

Together, these activities invigorate the field of Holocaust Studies with new scholars, courses, and students.

Our Campus Outreach Efforts

Campus Outreach Lecture Program (COLP) and Campus Panels

Drawing on the Museum’s staff and affiliated experts, our campus outreach lecture topics build on interdisciplinary scholarship related to the field of Holocaust Studies as well as the Mandel Center’s past, present, and future regional initiatives. Campus Outreach Lectures allow colleges and universities without a Holocaust specialist or course offering to introduce their student body to Holocaust education. Watch online lectures.

Regional Campus Outreach Programs and Outreach Symposia

These programs explore emerging research on common themes and place Holocaust history in conversation with local history. These multi-year programs:

  • Bring together students, scholars, and lecturers from various disciplines

  • Educate campus communities about the history of the Holocaust

  • Model how to responsibly research and talk about the complexities of different histories

  • Facilitate informed dialogue about the lessons and relevance of those histories

Pedagogy Roundtables on Your Campus

Pedagogy roundtables bring together college faculty and lecturers from various disciplines and institutions to discuss the trials, successes, and strategies for teaching topics that students find challenging. Roundtables are open to faculty and students who are training to become educators.

Our Partners and Audience

College campuses throughout North America, including:

  • Faculty

  • Students

  • Courses

  • University Administration

  • Campus community

  • Local educators and Holocaust and human rights organizations

  • Local community

Resources for the College Classroom

Contact Information

Contact us at if you have questions about our upcoming or past programs.