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United States Holocaust Memorial Council (Board of Trustees)


The United States Holocaust Memorial Council was established by Congress in 1980 to lead the nation in commemorating the Holocaust and to raise private funds for and build the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Once the Museum opened in 1993, the Council became the governing board of trustees of the Museum, an independent establishment of the United States government operating as a public-private partnership that receives some federal funding to support operations of the Museum building.    

The Council, which meets twice a year, consists of 55 members appointed by the president, as well as five members each from the Senate and House of Representatives and three ex-officio members from the Departments of Education, Interior, and State. Presidential appointments serve for a five-year term; 11 members’ terms expire each year.

Because of the large size of the Council, its work is done primarily through the committee structure. The Executive Committee, which acts on behalf of the Council in between Council meetings, meets four times a year.

United States Holocaust Memorial Council

As of August 23, 2019

Howard M. Lorber, Chairman, New York, NY
Allan M. Holt,  Vice Chairman, Washington, DC
Sara J. Bloomfield, Director, Washington, DC

Walter Ray Allen, Jr., Coral Gables, FL
Laurence M. Baer, San Francisco, CA
Daniel Benjamin, Hanover, NH
Tom A. Bernstein, New York, NY
Joshua B. Bolten, Washington, DC
Michael S. Bosworth, New York, NY
Ethel C. Brooks, Metuchen, NJ
Jonathan W. Burkan, Harrison, NY
Andrew M. Cohn, Scottsdale, AZ
Sara Darehshori, New York, NY
Sam M. Devinki, Kansas City, MO
Norman L. Eisen, Washington, DC
Jeffrey P. Feingold, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lee A. Feinstein, Bloomington, IN
Helene Feldman, New York, NY
David M. Flaum, Rochester, NY
Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, Washington, DC
Jordan T. Goodman, Chicago, IL
Samuel N. Gordon, Wilmette, IL
Jeremy Halpern, Livingston NJ
Sarah K. Hurwitz, Washington DC
Priscilla Levine Kersten, Chicago, IL
Murray J. Laulicht, Bar Harbour, FL
Jonathan S. Lavine, Boston, MA
Edward P. Lazarus, Bethesda, MD
Stuart A. Levey, London, England
Eric A. LeVine, Seattle, WA
Susan G. Levine, Paradise Valley, AZ
Susan E. Lowenberg, San Francisco, CA
David M. Marchick, Washington, DC
Tamar Newberger, Chicago, IL
Deborah A. Oppenheimer, Los Angeles, CA
Eric P. Ortner, Los Angeles, CA
Michael P. Polsky, Chicago, IL
Michael H. Posner, New York, NY
Richard S. Price, Chicago, IL
Ronald Ratner, Cleveland, OH
Benjamin J. Rhodes, Washington, DC
Melissa Rogers, Falls Church, VA
Daniel J. Rosen, New York, NY
Menachem Z. Rosensaft, New York, NY
Elliot J. Schrage, Menlo Park, CA
Maureen Schulman, Chicago, IL
Betty Pantirer Schwartz, Livingston, NJ
Irvin N. Shapell, Wheeling, WV
Cindy Simon Skjodt, Carmel, IN
Howard D. Unger, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Clemantine Wamariya, San Francisco, CA
Andrew J. Weinstein, Coral Springs, FL
Jeremy M. Weinstein, Stanford, CA
Daniel G. Weiss, Los Angeles, CA
Bradley D. Wine, Bethesda, MD
Fred S. Zeidman, Houston, TX

US House of Representatives

Ted Deutch, Florida
David Kustoff, Tennessee
John Lewis, Georgia
Brad Schneider, Illinois
Lee Zeldin, New York

US Senate

Benjamin L. Cardin, Maryland
Marco Rubio, Florida
Bernard Sanders, Vermont
Tim Scott, South Carolina

Ex Officio Members

US Department of Education, Philip H. Rosenfelt
US Department of the Interior, Vacant
US Department of State, Cherrie Daniels

General Counsel, Gerard Leval
Secretary of the Council, Jessica Viggiano

Former Chairs

Tom A. Bernstein 2010–2017
Fred S. Zeidman 2002–2010
Irving Greenberg 2000–2002
Miles Lerman* 1993–2000
Harvey M. Meyerhoff 1987–1993
Elie Wiesel* 1980–1986

Former Vice Chairs

Joshua B. Bolten 2010–2015
Joel M. Geiderman 2005–2010
Ruth B. Mandel 1993–2005
William J. Lowenberg* 1986–1993
Mark E. Talisman* 1980–1986

* Deceased