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Dr. Jan Lambertz
Applied Researcher
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Wartime aid for Jewish prisoners in camps and ghettos
    • Knowledge about the Holocaust in the early postwar years
    • The history of tracing services for Jews during and immediately following World War II
    • Jewish perspectives on the Holocaust, 1933–1945
  • Contact Information

Dr. Lambertz contributes to multiple projects advancing Holocaust scholarship at the Mandel Center. 

She is currently coediting Nazi Sites for Racial Persecution, Detention, Murder, and Resettlement of Non-Jews, a forthcoming volume of the Museum’s Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945. She was a contributing editor for the Mandel Center’s book series, “Documenting Life and Destruction,” including the five-volume Jewish Responses to Persecution.

Dr. Lambertz received the 2019 Prize of the German Historical Institute London for her outstanding PhD thesis submitted to the History Department of Royal Holloway, University of London, entitled “Early Postwar Holocaust Knowledge and Jewish Missing Persons.”

She is co-organizer of a comparative project on relief parcels sent to Jewish prisoners in Nazi detention sites and conducted research for the Independent Commission of Historians on the role of the German Foreign Office during National Socialism and after 1945.


  • PhD, history, Royal Holloway, University of London


  • English
  • German

Select Publications

Select Presentations

  • "War Zones, Neutral Zones: Reconstructing the Holocaust through Local Encounters," June 2022 keynote address, inaugural conference of the Institute for Holocaust Research in Sweden, Stockholm