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Global South

The Global South Initiative engages scholars, universities, and research institutes in the Global South whose research and teaching focuses on the Holocaust and genocide, as well as parallel histories of mass violence. We organize workshops, conferences, and faculty seminars to foster interdisciplinary networks of scholars, promote transnational research collaborations across Holocaust studies and related fields, and diversify the disciplinary and geographic base of scholars researching and teaching Holocaust-related topics.

The Initiative also supports the acquisition and scholarly use of archival materials related to the global history of the Holocaust. Currently our programming focuses on East Asia and Latin America.

Partner Organizations

The Initiative has worked with various partner organizations, including:

  • The Memory and Tolerance Museum (Mexico)

  • Anáhuac University (Mexico)

  • Iberoamerican University (Mexico)

  • New York University Shanghai (China)

  • The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (China)

Additional Resources

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Contact Information

Krista Hegburg, PhD Senior Program Officer, Division of International Academic Programs Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies