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Resources on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust


These US Holocaust Memorial Museum resources highlight aspects of Holocaust history as it relates to the choices and actions of religious communities. They may be of particular interest to university and seminary faculty, as well as community and religious groups. These resources provide deeper knowledge of the role religious communities played in the Holocaust and the ways in which religious communities have addressed this history since the end of the Holocaust.

The German Churches and Other Religoius Communities in Nazi Germany

Library Bibliographies

Holocaust Encyclopedia

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Religious Communities Across Europe & North america During the Holocaust

Experiencing History

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Religious Leaders and Professionals in Their INstitutional and Cultural Contexts

past museum Programs

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Coming to Terms with the Past: How People of Faith Have Addressed the Legacy of Antisemitism and the Holocaust

LIbrary Bibliographies

Tools for Classrooms and Communities

Past Museum Programs

Jewish Religious LIfe


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