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Ms. Regina Kazyulina

Ms. Regina Kazyulina
2017-2018 Robert A. Savitt Fellow

“Female Collaboration and Postwar Retribution in Soviet Ukraine, 1941-1955”

Professional Background

Ms. Regina Kazyulina is currently PhD candidate in History at Northeastern University (United States).  She holds a BA from the same institution. As the Robert A. Savitt Fellow, Ms. Kazyulina will be conducting research for her project entitled “Female Collaboration and Postwar Retribution in Soviet Ukraine, 1941-1955.”

Ms. Kazyulina can both speak and read Russian and can read Ukrainian.

Ms. Kazyulina has published several encyclopedia articles in The Social Science of War: An Encyclopedia. In addition to her writings, Ms. Kazyulina has given several presentations including her most recent “Caught Between: The Hunt for Women Spies Within the Soviet Partisan Movement” at the Annual Conference of the Second World War Research Group at King’s College, London.

Fellowship Research

While in residence at the Mandel Center, Ms. Kazyulina will be researching the actions of local women living under Nazi occupation in Ukraine and the way they were interpreted and punished following the return of Soviet power. She will use the museums various collections, including the war crimes trials collection.

Ms. Kazyulina will be in residence through December 31, 2017 and can be contacted at her museum email