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Professor Gregory Weeks

Gregory Weeks
2004-2005 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

"The Role of the Vienna Municipal Police in the Forced Emigration and Murder of Jews, 1938-1944"

Professional Background

Professor Gregory Weeks received a Ph.D. in contemporary history from the Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz, Austria, and an M.A. in European history from Purdue University. During his fellowship at the Museum, he was a Contract Professor for History and International Relations at Webster University in Vienna, Austria. For his Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellowship for Archival Research, Professor Weeks researched “The Role of the Vienna Municipal Police in the Forced Emigration and Murder of Jews, 1938-1944.”

Professor Weeks has authored over a dozen scholarly articles on topics including the German colonial wars, Leni Riefenstahl, and the Weimar Republic. Together with the War Crimes Section of the Canadian Department of Justice, he conducted archival research to aid in the postwar trials of Austrian National Socialists. Professor Weeks has received distinguished fellowships and awards from several institutions and foundations, including the United States Military Academy, the Leucorea Foundation, and the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies. In 1998, with a Holocaust Educational Foundation Fellowship, Professor Weeks spent a summer studying the Holocaust and Jewish civilization with prominent scholars from around the world.

Fellowship Research

During his residency at the Center, Professor Weeks researched the role of the Viennese police in the exclusion of Jews from public life and their eventual deportation to death camps in eastern Europe. His study emphasized the role of the Viennese police in the destruction of Jewish life after 1938.

Professor Weeks was in residence at the Mandel Center from September 15, 2004 to March 15, 2005.