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Mr. Eric Lichtblau

Eric Lichtblau

"The Flight of the Nazis: A Study in Postwar Indifference"

Mr. Lichtblau is currently a New York Times investigative reporter who has been attached to the Washington Bureau since 2002. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University where he majored in English and government.

Mr. Lichtblau has been the recipient of several national and regional awards, including a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for stories disclosing the existence of the Bush administration’s secret wiretapping program in 2006. Mr. Lichtblau was a visiting professor in journalism at both Georgetown University and UCLA and also has lectured at major universities across the country. He has served as a panelist and moderator for various educational symposia, taking place at Georgetown University School of Law, American University, the Constitution Project, the American Civil Liberties Union, the New School for Social Research, the Montpelier Foundation and Mensa. He also has appeared as a frequent guest on numerous news shows, including CNN, PBS, NPR, CSPAN, and ABC.

In 2008, he published his book, “Bush’s Law: The Remaking of American Justice,” (Random House, 2008).

Mr. Lichtblau was in residence at the Center through July 30, 2013.