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Dr. Elise Petit

Dr. Elise Petit
2016-2017 J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Fellow

“Topography of Music: Mapping Sound Spaces in the Nazi Camp System”

Professional Background

Dr. Elise Petit is currently Assistant Lecturer in Art History at Université Paris-Est (France).  She holds a PhD in Art History from the same institution. As a J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Fellow, Dr. Petit will be conducting research for her project entitled “Topography of Music: Mapping Sound Spaces in the Nazi Camp System.”

Dr. Petit is fluent in English, and has speaking and reading abilities in both German and Spanish.

Dr. Petit is the co-author of “Entartete Musik.” Musiques interdites sous le III Reich [“Entartete Musik.” Forbidden Music in the Third Reich] (Lyon: Bleu Nuit Éditeur, collection “Horizons” 2015). She has also written several articles and papers. Dr. Petit has presented several papers on her work at various lectures during her career.

Fellowship Research

While in residence at the Mandel Center, Dr. Petit researched the use of music in the Nazi camps and its relation to the “Troop Care” policy established on the advent of the Soviet Union invasion. She will use the museums various collections, concentrating on private papers and Reich Ministry documentation.

Dr. Petit was in residence at the Mandel Center until January 31, 2018.