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The question cards are designed to support a visit to the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition The Holocaust by encouraging observation and dialogue between students, teachers, and chaperones both at the Museum and in the classroom. When student groups arrive at the Museum, students receive one of five different color-coded question cards that encourages them to focus on a particular theme as they walk through the Permanent Exhibition. Each card features a historical image from the Museum’s collection with a question relating to its theme. On the reverse is a question common to all the cards, encouraging students to identify an image or object that had special meaning for them.

Encourage students to use the cards during their visit as they walk through the Permanent Exhibition. Students may go through the Permanent Exhibition either individually with a single card or with a partner in order to discuss the themes from their cards along the way.

PDF versions of the cards are available, and group leaders may want to show their students examples of the cards and what they will receive at the Museum during their visit.

It is highly recommended that the group leader facilitate a follow-up discussion with the students after the visit.

Theme Questions

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This publication has been funded in part by a gift in memory of Simcha, Gisele, Eva and Leah Münzer.