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Museum Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda

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WASHINGTON, DC—The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has sent a delegation to Rwanda in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, in which as many as one million Rwandans, predominantly Tutsis, were killed in 1994.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum of Washington, DC, is honored to be in Kigali for this 20th anniversary commemoration, to add our voice of conscience, and to stand with the survivors of this genocide, one of the deadliest of the 20th century,” said Museum Chairman Tom A. Bernstein, speaking from Kigali. “We honor the courage and strength of individuals who survived immense tragedy determined to rebuild their country. We are accompanied by a Holocaust survivor and a young Rwandan survivor, who are a symbol of our shared humanity, and who teach us that while each genocide is the result of its own unique circumstances, the impact on individuals is universal.”

“Being here in Rwanda, we are reminded once again of the immense human consequences of genocide,” added Museum Director Sara J. Bloomfield. “We are also reminded of the complete failure of individuals, institutions, and governments to prevent genocide. There were many warning signs in Rwanda 20 years ago, yet the international community did not act on them. This anniversary is an important reminder that early warning and early response are the keys to ensuring that the future is different than the past.”

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The Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide seeks to make ending genocide and related crimes against humanity a national and international priority.

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