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Museum Statement on Formal Agreement between United States and Germany to Advance Holocaust Issues

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Andrew Hollinger
Director, Communications

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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum welcomes the historic announcement establishing a state-to-state dialogue on Holocaust issues by the US Department of State and the Federal Foreign Office of The Republic of Germany. This new commitment to regular bilateral dialogue at the senior governmental level will help ensure that the United States and Germany can coordinate more closely in addressing many of the growing number of challenges that threaten long-term memory of the Holocaust.  Given the rise in antisemitism and Holocaust distortion just as the survivor generation is diminishing, this governmental cooperation is more important than ever. 

As an independent establishment of the U.S. government charged with commemorating and educating about the Holocaust and its continuing relevance, the Museum is privileged to play a role in this dialogue, building on our many years of cooperation with several German officials and institutions and with the State Department. We look forward to working with our partners in both the American and German governments to develop approaches that strengthen understanding of the causes and events of the Holocaust as well as its contemporary significance for future generations. 


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