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All figures are as of June 2016, unless otherwise noted.

Visitors to the Museum

since opening in April 1993

  • Total: More than 41 million 
  • Demographics: Currently 24% school children; 12% international; approximately 90% non-Jewish
  • Dignitaries: 99 heads of state; more than 3,500 foreign officials from over 132 countries
  • Members: 165,000

Visitors Online

  • Website: In 2016, more than 24 million visits from over 17.5 million visitors representing 240 countries and territories (44% were international visits)
  • Holocaust Encyclopedia: Available in 16 languages; in 2016, received more than 17 million visits from over 12.5 million visitors representing 239 countries and territories
  • Facebook: 165,903 fans
  • Twitter: 231,910 followers 
  • E-mail Community: More than 330,000 subscribers 
  • YouTube: 4.5 million lifetime views of Museum videos

Collections and Reference Services

  • Art and Artifacts: 20,168 objects, averaging 3 to 4 new items a week
  • Archives: Ca. 102.2 million pages, with an additional 191.1 million digital images from the International Tracing Service
  • Photo Archives: More than 111,000 historical photographs and images, of which 32,000 are available on the Museum’s website
  • Meed Survivors Registry: 208,027 survivors and their descendants registered, as well as other victims and WWII veterans 
  • Film and Video: More than 1,000 hours of archival footage; 220 hours of outtakes from the film SHOAH; 1,300 research requests annually
  • Library: More than 111,000 items in 61 languages
  • Oral History: More than 16,000 Holocaust-related testimonies and access to nearly 52,000 oral histories from the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation 
  • Senior Historian’s Division: 1,215 research requests in 2016

Special Exhibitions

  • Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration & Complicity in the Holocaust
  • Remember the Children: Daniel's Story
  • A Dangerous Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  • Genocide: The Threat Continues
  • Cambodia 1975-1979
  • "I Want Justice!"


311 presentations of nine exhibitions in 199 cities and 49 states, as well as Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, and Serbia. Current exhibitions include:

  • State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda
  • Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
  • Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945

Educational Outreach and Scholarly Activity

  • Museum Teacher Fellows: 360, representing 49 states and seven countries, since the program began in 1996
  • Survivor Programs: Approximately 50,000 people heard a survivor volunteer speak in 2016
  • Public Programs: 42 public programs in 11 states in 2016

Leadership Programs

  • Approximately 17,500 members of the judiciary trained since 2009 
  • More than 110,000 law enforcement officers trained since 1999
  • More than 50,000 military professionals have participated in seminars since 2004

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

  • 538 fellows-in-residence from 33 countries since 1994
  • 751 campus outreach lectures in 49 states since 2001
  • 872 faculty seminar participants from 49 states and the District of Columbia (and Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, China, England, India, Mexico, and Puerto Rico) in 47 Mandel Center seminars held at the Museum from 1999 to June 2016


  • Base Operating Budget: $101.1 million in FY 2017 ($57.0 million federal revised appropriation; $44.1 million unrestricted private donations and investment income)

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