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Research an Individual

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Who are you? – Requester Information

By submitting this request, you agree that your name and research subject may be disclosed to other copy holders of the Arolsen Archives (formerly International Tracing Service) collection, in order to further efficiency and avoid duplicate research work. If you don't want your information to be shared, please contact us at

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Please provide as much identifying information as possible in order to maximize the chances of finding relevant records. Use the comment box at the end to provide any information that is not specifically requested but might be useful.

Please fill out this form about a single person. If you are searching for information about more than one person, you will have the opportunity to submit requests for additional individuals once this form is completed.

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Review and Submission

Please review the information you have filled out before your request is submitted. If everything is correct, click the Submit button near the bottom of the page.

Who Are You? – Requester Information

For whom are you searching?
Tell us about the Survivor or Victim

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If you are satisfied that the information above is correct to the best of your knowledge, please click the Submit button below.


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Two confirmation e-mails have now been sent to . If you do not see the e-mails in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. If you see any errors in the information you provided, or if you wish to add additional information to this request, you can contact us by responding directly to either confirmation e-mail.

Your research requests are very important to us. The nature of conducting research using both the Arolsen Archives (formerly International Tracing Service) collection and the USHMM collections is highly complex, so we appreciate your patience while we prepare the most thorough and accurate response possible. Please also note that priority is given to requests for living survivors, in particular those requesting documentation in order to receive compensation.