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The Museum’s Office of Survivor Affairs offers schools, civic groups, military bases, and other institutions nationwide the opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor share his or her experiences. Every year, our survivor speakers reach hundreds of different audiences, here at the Museum, across the country, and abroad. Survivor speaker events usually run about one hour with the survivor speaking about his or her experiences for 45-50 minutes, allowing the remaining time for questions from the audience. The Museum is pleased to coordinate programs for student groups grade seven and above.

The Museum also offers the opportunity to connect with a survivor remotely via video conference, which follow the same format as in-person programs. We cannot accommodate requests for video conferences from March to May. Instead, we encourage groups to live stream the Museum’s First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors program. Each hour-long program features a live interview followed by a question-and-answer session. These programs take place every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. ET from mid-March to early-August. Programs in March, April, and May will be live streamed on the Museum’s website.

How can I Request a Holocaust Survivor Speaker?

Through the Museum’s Office of Survivor Affairs

Please e-mail to request a survivor to speak to your group. The Museum will make every effort to accommodate the requests we receive. Due to the large number of requests for programs at the Museum, mulitple groups may be combined into a single program.

Guidelines for Arranging a Survivor Presentation

We have created this guide with both the hosting organization and the survivor community in mind and hope that our suggestions will help your organization consider the survivors’ comfort and well-being as you plan for your program.

Read Guidelines

The Museum does not charge a speaker’s fee, but does gratefully accept donations to support the Museum’s educational mission. No attendance fee may be charged nor can funds be raised at any program featuring a speaker who has been provided by the Museum. All associated costs are the responsibility of the requesting organization.

When requesting a survivor to speak you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Date, time, and purpose of program
  • Audience profile (age, size, topics of interest, any preparation or relevant activities taking place prior to the event, etc.)
  • Location of program, address
  • Name, phone number, and e-mail address of program coordinator

The Museum will communicate directly with the survivor and provide all relevant information.

Through an Organization in Your Community

You may wish to consult the Association of Holocaust Organizations to find out if there is a speakers bureau near you that works with Holocaust survivors.