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The Memory Project

A sense of duty and obligation to share experiences and memories is real and present for many Holocaust survivors.

The Memory Project provides survivors who volunteer at the Museum with a powerful outlet through which to bear witness. These guided writing workshops strengthen the ability of our survivor writers to recount their experiences for their families and for the historical record. This is one more way that the Museum helps survivors—eyewitnesses to the Holocaust—to teach new generations about hatred, intolerance, and indifference, and to expand our understanding of Holocaust history from a deeply personal perspective.

The Memory Project is based on the Leave-A-Legacy Writing Workshops developed by the Drew University Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study, to whom we are grateful for training and guidance.

Read Memory Project Writings

Echoes of Memory volume 1Echoes of Memory, Volume 1 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory volume 2Echoes of Memory, Volume 2 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory volume 3Echoes of Memory, Volume 3 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory volume 4Echoes of Memory, Volume 4 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory volume 5Echoes of Memory, Volume 5 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory Volume 6Echoes of Memory, Volume 6 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory, Volume 7 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory, Volume 8 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory, Volume 9 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory, Volume 10 (PDF)


Echoes of Memory, Volume 11 (PDF)


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