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What I Am Best At

By Ruth Cohen

I know that I am very good at many, many things. I am a good wife, mother, friend, worker, and was very good at sports, mostly tennis. But …

When I came to the States, my mother’s wonderful, soft-mannered sister, Aunt Fanny, showed me all the pictures my parents had sent them through the years. As we looked at them, some letters from my mom popped up. They were all about their siblings, their families, and of course, our family. One of the letters was written around the time when I must have been two or three years old. In it she wrote something special about me. It said (and I clearly remember reading it), “She is so adorable, so very smart, and so very naughty, only the dogs are bad for not taking her away.” I must have aggravated her a lot that day and she let her frustration out to my aunt. I also always knew that she loved me without her telling me so. We had a wonderfully close relationship. Too bad it did not last long enough.

So, if you want to know what I am best at, I would say that I excel at aggravating some people. But truly, I like myself a lot.

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