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Democracy, A Poem

By Susan Warsinger

The ocean carries my boat to a new land.

I stand at the railing to see the symbol of freedom and democracy.

A fog is thick until the early sun kisses it away.

The mist rises like a curtain, slowly and carefully and all that I suffered between 1933 and 1941

fades away with the fog.

Survival and freedom washes over me

like a gentle warm wave that will keep me safe.

I found freedom is not for everyone.

Democracy is not perfect.

A government of people makes mistakes.

Some are still being resolved.

We have to keep striving

to improve our changing society.

It is difficult to maintain perfect democracy.

Many years have passed since I

disembarked in New York City

after sailing by the Statue of Liberty,

the beacon of hope for a better world.

What happens now is temporary.

There is much hope for the future.

The people and the government will unite

by working our differences out together

in a humanitarian way,

enhancing human dignity and equality,

and committing to the sanctity of all human life.  

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