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Dear Papa

By Nesse Godin

Dear Papa,

During the day I think about you.

In the night I dream about you.

I remember your soft caress and your powerful hugs.

I remember your sweet voice in song—the voice and words through which you encouraged me to be a good girl, a good student, but most of all a good human being.

I remember your eyes blue like the sky—the gentle, loving eyes that gazed upon me when you were with us on earth. I remember your eyes even now when you are not among the living.

I remember your hands so white and strong. The hands that carved little toys for me to play with.

I remember my little hands touching your head, touching the bald spot on the top of your head, and always asking what happened to your hair.

I remember your body so tall and strong towering over me, making me feel safe and protected.

I remember the aroma of the tobacco in your pipe that you held between your soft lips, which you kissed me with.

I remember you, Papa, standing in the synagogue on the bima near the Holy Ark as a Kohen chanting the priestly blessings like Aaron the Holy Priest during biblical times.

Your strength of body and strength of character I will always remember.

I will remember the love of family and humanity that you instilled in me. I will carry those principles to the end of my life.

I thank G-d for the years that I had you, but I cannot forgive the Nazi murderers that killed you at the age of 47 when you were in the prime of your life.

I will continue to think about you during the days and dream of you during the nights. I will always remember you as long as I live.

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