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Travel with Museum historians, experts, and supporters to countries of significance to Holocaust history and more recent mass atrocities. Participants enjoy special behind-the-scenes access to historical sites, museums, and cultural institutions and meet with high-level partners and government officials. Special cultural opportunities will be included throughout the trip.

We hope you can join us in one of our upcoming trips. Fill out the form linked below for more information.

Participants must make a charitable gift to the Museum of $10,000 or more within the year prior to the trip to be eligible to participate in the trip.

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Upcoming Trips


October 31–November 6, 2022

It is a country of opposites: a safe harbor for Jewish refugees during the Holocaust that later sheltered Nazi war criminals. We also will explore more recent periods when Argentina’s Jewish community came under threat. 


April 22–30, 2023

Visit Gdansk, Krakow, and Warsaw, as well as the sites of former camps Stutthof, Treblinka, and Auschwitz. You also will meet partners who work to ensure the permanence of Holocaust memory in eastern Europe.


October 7–14, 2023

We will visit the moving memorials at camps including Rivesaltes, Les Milles, and Drancy, and learn about the roles of perpetrators, rescuers, and resisters, as well as the experiences of Jewish victims.


Spring 2024

One of the most ancient Jewish communities calls this Silk Road country home. During World War II, it was a destination for refugees and evacuees who fled the German invasion of the Soviet Union. 


Fall 2024

This country’s long Jewish history showcases courage and resistance, heartbreak and loss. We will visit cultural treasures and learn about new discoveries from Museum research in the Vatican Archives. 

Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia


Explore the history of this beautiful and diverse region by visiting the sites and memorials of the Holocaust, as well as more recent genocidal violence of the 1990s. Experience dynamic, multiethnic cities.