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The New York Next Generation provides friends of the Museum in their 20s, 30s, and 40s with the opportunity to network with like-minded people, while helping the Museum to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity around the world.


Board Membership Benefits

  • Invitations to the Museum’s National Days of Remembrance ceremony in the US Capitol Rotunda; the annual Wings of Memory Society gathering in Washington, DC, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum; the International Travel Program; the annual Museum leadership conference; and other VIP programs
  • Membership in the Wings of Memory Society
  • Exclusive opportunities to engage with Museum leaders and event speakers
  • Recognition in the Museum’s Annual Report

Society Membership Benefits

  • Invitations to VIP programs and behind-the-scenes tours of the Museum
  • Advance passes to the Museum's Permanent Exhibition
  • Exclusive opportunities to engage with Museum leadership and event speakers
  • Recognition in the Museum’s Annual Report


You can join in the New York Next Generations outreach efforts by serving on an event committee or working on a special project in the Museum’s Northeast Regional Office.



Jaymere Stein

Chair Emeriti

Danielle Auerbach
Deborah Edell
Julie Kopel
Nicole Pines Lieberman
Elisa Mailman
Glenn Sapadin


Ryan Abramow
Stephanie Abramow
Danielle Auerbach
Jonathan Auerbach
Benjamin Bass
Kylie Bass
Adam Berkowitz
Deborah Block
Lauren Deutschman
Deborah Edell
Julia Feinstein
Adam Friedland
Jackie Gerber
Josh Gerber
Jesse Izak
Miriam Izak
Julie Kopel
Jesse Lazowski
Jonah Lazowski
Barry Levine
Avi Lieberman
Nicole Pines Lieberman
Andrew Reich
Becca Rutkoff
Robby Rutkoff
Stacey Saiontz
Ian Steinberg
Samantha Weinberg
Ben Weintraub
Reni Weintraub
Markus Weiss