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Legacy of Light Founders Society Members


The Legacy of Light Founders Society proudly recognizes members who have made a commitment to secure the Museum’s future by establishing a planned gift of $1 million or more. Donors who direct any outright or planned gifts (or any combination of both) of $1 million or more to the Museum’s endowment are recognized as Legacy of Light Guardian Founders and are included below.

Individuals who have become Legacy of Light Founders or Legacy of Light Guardian Founders through any type of deferred gift are listed only with their consent.

Gifts as of November 2022


Gifts of $25 million or more

Estate of Bernard Aptaker
Susan and William S. Levine and Family
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers


Gifts of $15 million or more

Estate of Eric F. Ross
David M. Rubenstein
Samerian Foundation


Gifts of $10 million or more

Helen M. Clawson*
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation


Gifts of $5 million or more

Anonymous (2)
The Crown Family Philanthropies
Sidney Davidson
Jeff Grinspoon and Jon Foley
Lawrence Levit and Nilda Pascual
The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation
Estate of Marcia Mark
Jonathan Rick and Barbara Rick
Janet and John Swanson
Kurt L.* and Marilyn Wallach


Gifts of $2 million or more

Diamonstein-Spielvogel Foundation, Inc.
Rosalee Eisenstadt
Judith E. Fagin
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Rafael Feferman*
Kaja Finkler
Howard L. and Judie Ganek
Rebecca Knaster
William and Sheila Konar Foundation
Ann Wolk Krouse and Paul C. Krouse*
Chris Lerman* and the Lerman and Neubauer Families
Louis F. Smith
Deanie and Jay Stein
Elaine Nina Tanay
The Unger Family
Steven E. Zinn and Susan M. Zinn


Gifts of $1 million or more

Anonymous (2)
Robert* and Alice Abt
Jay and Adrienne Carsman
Carol and Douglas Cohen
Andrew and Amy Cohn
M. Stephen and Arlyne G. Cook
Eva Cooper
Ronald Costell, M.D, and Marsha E. Swiss
Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Devinki, Pack, and Kolkin Families
Heather Dunhill and Ted Meekma
David H. Enzel
Mimi Fiszel
Michael B. Fox and Nancy E. Fox
Amy and Mort Friedkin
Connie and David Girard-diCarlo
Allan R. Glass
Irene and Carl Glassberg*
The Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Foundation
Dr. Michael and Joyce Y. Hallet
Eric and Linda Horodas
Gayle A. Karhanek
Bobby Ellen Kimbel, PhD
Ellen and Murray Koppelman
Steven and Alexis Larky
Susan E. Lowenberg and David W. Lowenberg
Steve and Cindy Lyons
Milton and Tamar Maltz
Ellen R. Marram
Helen Farber Marshall
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
Alfred Münzer and Joel Wind
Gary H. and Linda Z.* Oberlender
Richard and Linda Price and Family
Sheila Johnson Robbins*
William and Sandra Rosenbaum
Pamela and Mark Rubin
Betty and Howard Schwartz Family Foundation
Elinor A. Seevak
Mickey Shapiro
Dee Dee and Eliot Simon
David S. Sklar
Alan Solomon, MD
Monty J. Strauss and Jane L. Winer
Arthur Strick, MD
Hannah Kastan Weiss
Estate of Leon Weiss
Melanie I. and Bradley D. Wine
Diane Wohl