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Engaging Young People on Social Media

Every month, millions of people access the Museum’s resources online. For many, this engagement represents their only accurate information on the Holocaust—a critical counterbalance to misinformation, minimization, or outright denial. But we can’t simply hope that people, especially young people, will seek out the truth on their own. We must meet audiences where they are and engage them with Holocaust history and its relevance in meaningful and creative ways, giving them the knowledge to confront antisemitism and hatred where it thrives.

The Museum has a robust social media presence across multiple platforms to raise awareness of the truth of the Holocaust and to engage audiences with its relevance through compelling content and storytelling. We develop both short and longer form content tailored specifically to audience expectations and characteristics of each platform and tap into existing social media conversations to broaden our reach. We accelerate that reach through creative audience targeting and paid promotion. 

These efforts have resulted in 2.3 million followers by the close of 2022. During that year, our content was seen more than 306 million times, meaning our videos, posts, and programming appeared across multiple social media platforms to both those following us and millions more who were not. Equally important is the quality of engagement: in 2022, our content had 56.6 million interactions—meaning people liked or shared a post, clicked on a link to Museum resources, watched a video, or made a comment.

Since the Museum opened its doors to the public, the world has changed in ways many of us could not have imagined three decades ago—and the Museum has evolved to meet these new challenges. But our mission has not changed: we will never stop sharing the truth and teaching history’s lessons. Your annual support makes this work possible.