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Washington, DC

The Museum’s Washington Next Generation Board seeks to engage and inspire young professionals, new families and emerging philanthropists in the important mission and educational work of the Museum. In memory of those who perished and in honor of the survivors of the Holocaust, the Next Generation Board is dedicated to confronting today’s moral challenges and to shaping the next generation of leaders.

Contact the Mid-Atlantic regional office for more information on joining.

Term of Service

  • A Chair of the Washington Next Generation Board serves a two (2) year term. If needed, and with the donor’s consent, a Chair may be asked to remain a third year in this role.

  • Board members may serve indefinitely and as long as their participation is meaningful for them and for the Museum.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Actively engage your network of friends, family and colleagues in the Museum’s work via programs and events.

  • Work with Museum staff to identify and engage prospective new supporters.

  • Participate in the Board meetings (3 per year)

  • Serve on event Committees (as possible) and attend programs/events.

  • Support the Museum annually with a meaningful annual gift or pledge.*

Building the Museum's Presence

  • An Evening to Honor Holocaust Survivors (fall)

    • Primary Audience: Donors and prospects of all levels

    • How Can You Help: Opportunity to help lead and to promote to your network

  • A Day at the Museum for Families (winter)

    • Primary Audience: Families with young children (8 and older)

    • How Can You Help: Opportunity to help lead and to promote to your network 

  • National Tribute Dinner (spring)

    • Primary Audience: Major donors/prospects, corporate/individual sponsors

    • How Can You Help: Participate as part of the Washington Host Committee

  • An Evening at the Museum (summer)

    • Primary Audience: Young Professionals and others

    • How Can You Help: Opportunity to help lead and to promote to your network

Additional Engagement Benefits

  • USHMM Public Programs, Film Screenings, Private Tours of the Museum’s Exhibition

Members of the Washington Next Generation Board are asked to support the Museum as meaningfully as possible, and with a minimum annual gift of $2,500.

Washington Next Generation Board


Alex Brill Eli Kogan


Bryan Blanken  Jackie Blanken  Alex Brill Hilary Bubes Melissa Eisenberg Adam Falkoff  Julia Feinstein Adam Friedman  Sarah Goldin Friedman* Emily Heppen  Eli Kogan Kate Kogan  Evan Lederberg  Jessica Leinwand  Amy Leveton  Jay Leveton Ilana Ron Levey  Sam Lipson Samuel Lissner Robin London* Jay Lurie Christopher McCannell Jennifer Loew Mendelson  Bonnie Prober* Rafi Prober  Drew Tye Ruby-Howe Blair Salon Albert Singer Alexis Shklar David Slotkin  Sharon Slotkin* Aaron Stopak  Ariana Tipograph  Joseph Tipograph Lori Weinstein* Markus Weiss

* Past Chairs of the Board