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The National Patrons are a group of dedicated donors who commit to sustain their generous support for at least five years with annual gifts of $25,000 or more. This ongoing investment ensures that the Museum has the capacity to innovate and respond to the evolving needs of students, educators, leaders, and citizens in an ever-changing world. 

Sustaining commitments as of April 27, 2021

Jessica Abrahams and Christopher Fleming
Michel F. Adler
Lester and Edward Anixter Family Foundation
Shari and Jeffrey Aronson
Florence and Richard Bank
Sandy and Harvey Belfer
The Howard B. Bernick Foundation
Ruth M. Bernstein
Rita and Seymour Cohen
Amy and Andrew Cohn
Eva Cooper
The Crown Family Philanthropies
Diamonstein-Spielvogel Foundation, Inc.
Nancy and Marc Duber
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Deborah and Ronald Feinstein
Laura and Jonathan Ginns
Danielle and Jordan Goodman
Gail and Sheldon Goodman
Steven K. and Winifred A. Grinspoon Foundation
Jeremy and Abbi Halpern
Rebecca and J. David Heller
Suzanne and Steven Hilton and Family
Gary and Cathy Jacob
Susan Karkomi
William and Sheila Konar Foundation
Ann Wolk Krouse and Paul C. Krouse*
Marcia and Alan Lazowski
Milton and Tamar Maltz Charitable Foundation
David Marchick and Pamela Kurland
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
Morningstar Foundation
Alfred Münzer and Joel Wind
Robert R. Nathan Philanthropic Fund
Nimick Forbesway Foundation
Nussdorf Family Foundation
Jane and Daniel Och
The Arnold S. and Madaleine Penner Family Foundation
Julie Peyton and Don Tolep
Polsky Foundation
Ira and Diana Riklis
Marie and Benjamin Rosenberg
Arlen D. and Elaine Cohen Rubin
Stacey and Marc Saiontz
Susan and Robert Schechter
PTS Foundation—Pam and Tony Schneider
Jamie Diamond Schwartz and David Schwartz
David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
Sara and Asa Shapiro Family
Kimberly and Perry Shwachman and Family
Dee Dee and Eliot Simon
Louis Franklin Smith Foundation
Oliver Stanton Foundation
John and Janet Swanson
Kathy Hess Tallering and Ken Tallering
Tramiel Charitable Trust
The Unger Family
William* and Helen, Sam and Arlene, Jeff and Lauri Zell