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Mass Atrocity Education Workshop


The Mass Atrocity Education Workshop (MAEW) invites military academy instructors to discuss new scholarship and explore how they can include content about the Holocaust, genocide, and atrocity prevention into their courses for officers-in-training. Co-hosted with West Point’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and held at the Museum, the MAEW includes representation from four military academies: the US Naval Academy, the US Air Force Academy, the US Military Academy at West Point, and the US Coast Guard Academy. The instructors (and the courses they teach) represent a broad array of disciplines including military arts, economics, geography, character/leadership, political science, mathematics, sociology, and law.

The program is building a cadre of instructors attune to the issues of the Holocaust and genocide and conscious about ensuring officers-in-training have the tools and content knowledge to think about how the Holocaust could have occurred and how we might work against the trends that make genocide possible today.

“Having witnessed atrocities first hand over the last 15 years, the work you are doing is so tremendously important.  It cannot be overstated.” –Former West Point Superintendent

Workshop Outcomes

Previous Topics of Study

Previous workshops have explored the following topics in relation to mass atrocity: early warning and the process of genocide, gender dynamics and sexualized violence, human behavior, the role of economics, multi-agency/multidisciplinary tools for prevention, geo-spatial information sciences, and professional responsibility (character development).

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