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  • Holocaust Encyclopedia: Available in 15 languages, the encyclopedia includes historical photographs and film footage, personal stories and eyewitness testimony, artifacts, and music to tell the story of the Holocaust.
  • Timeline: A chronology of key events from World War I through the Holocaust and its aftermath
  • For Educators: Resources and guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust, as well as information about professional development opportunities
  • Lesson Plan: the Path to Nazi Genocide (PDF): Organized around the 38-minute documentary, The Path to Nazi Genocide, these materials and discussion questions provide students with an introduction to the Nazi rise to power and the Holocaust. 
  • Lesson Plan: Connecting the Timeline Activity to The Path to Nazi Genocide (PDF): This lesson the impact of state-sponsored antisemitism and the intersections of World War II and the Holocaust using The Path to Nazi Genocide and the Timeline Activity.
  • Viewing Guide and Answer Key (PDF): Questions for students to answer while watching The Path to Nazi Genocide.


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