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Mali is currently facing numerous armed conflicts throughout its vast territory. Violence between herders and farmers in the country’s central regions continues to escalate, taking on an increasingly ethnic tone. Mali has faced severe political instability in recent years, including a coup in August 2020 shortly followed by an additional coup in May 2021. It is too soon to know how this political instability will impact Mali’s long standing issues. Learn about the grievances that continue to drive ongoing conflict in Mali in our 2018 assessment of early warning signs of mass atrocities.

  • The Simon-Skjodt Center’s research, published in 2018 but still relevant today, aimed to identify the scenarios in which Mali could plausibly experience large-scale, systematic attacks on civilians.

  • Our quantitative assessment, from the Early Warning Project, estimates the risk of a new mass killing in Mali.

  • Dangerous speech can be an early warning sign for violence. Our 2018 research report analyzes data from two villages in the Mopti region of central Mali.

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    Learn about the work of Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim, a PhD candidate in Political Science and a research associate with the Sahel Research Group at the University of Florida.