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Translation: Night exists for more than sleep which is why, my love, we stayed awake so often.

Manfred and Gad spent many nights together. Sometimes they stayed in the crowded Lewin family home. At first, Manfred struggled with the sexual side of his relationship with Gad. But Gad remembers a moment where Manfred finally accepted, saying “with Gad it was alright.”

To this day, Gad does not know if Manfred’s parents knew about the sexual aspects of their friendship. Because of the nightly curfew imposed on Jews in Berlin, overnight guests were not unusual. The Nazis persecuted homosexual men as enemies of the “Reich.”

Lewin family

Lewin FamilyPicture of the Lewin family, Berlin, 1941. From right: Arthur Lewin (father), Manfred, Jizchak Schwersenz, Rudolf, Schlomo, Gerd, Jenny (mother), and Caecilie.